Core Workshop SACSCOC Dec 2017

SACSCOC Dec 2017 Workshop -- Core Assessment The Easy Way


Thank you to all our workshop attendees!

Here are all our materials, available for you to download for two weeks.

Please email us anytime --  Glenn & David

REQUESTED During Workshop:  the template linked below is the annual assessment summary requested of all programs that are not in their cycle for Five Year Program Review.  The associated checklist is an optional tool that some deans use to review the quality of submissions.  

Credit to Dr. Zhanbo Yang for his leadership is composing and improving these templates.

UIW Annual Program Assessment Template 2017

UIW Annual Assessment Checklist 2017

Results from PollEverywhere surveys during the workshop:

Why did you attend this workshop? (screenshot)

What makes core assessment tough for you? (spreadsheet of anonymous responses)

Slides Handout

UIW Schedule to Assess Core Learning Outcomes  (p1 of print packet)

UIW Rubric for Global and Historical Consciousness  (p2)

UIW Rubric for Quantitative and Critical Thinking - long form (p3a-c)

UIW Rubric for Quantitative and Critical Thinking - short form (p4)

Instructions for Faculty Participants - Aesthetic Engagement Assessment  (p5)

UIW Core Assessment Report - 2015 - Aesthetic Engagement  (excerpt: p6a-6e)

Notes for Rubric Working Session with Faculty  (p7)

Sample Blank Scoresheet - Science Assessment  (p8)

UIW Core Assessment Excerpt - Science - Scores Analysis  (p9a-d)

Easy Way - Steps at Your Institution  (p10)

Excel Worksheet - Assessment Data Analysis with Formulas