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Summer 2014 Rates: 50% of main campus tuition


Summer at the University of the Incarnate Word is utilized to support 4 year degree plans for undergraduates and allow students to financially access appropriate courses for degree completion. Recognizing that certain courses are critical to the path, UIW offers the courses at a reduced rate, thus allowing students to take the classes with less financial implications.

What is the summer rate for Summer 2014?

50% of Regular main campus tuition


Where do I find information about the regular main campus rates?

The Business Office has information on current tuition rates.


Do current UIW students need to complete an application for summer?

No. Just meet with your faculty advisor and let them know that you plan on attending summer school. They will help you select the appropriate courses for your degree plan.


How do I register for summer classes?

After you meet with your faculty advisor and receive a registration PIN, you can on-line register for the course.


What if I have difficulty with the on-line registration for summer classes?

You can either talk to your faculty advisor; call the University Advising Center (210-805-5814) or the Dean of Student Success (210-805-5813).


Do I need to complete any applications to get the special summer rate?

No. All undergraduate courses on the main campus will have the special summer rate.


What if I am a new or readmit student to UIW—do I get the summer rates?

Of course. As soon as you are confirmed as a UIW student, you can take full advantage of our summer program.

Does this apply to International Sites?

No. ContinUIW rates apply to courses offered only on UIW main campus.


How do new and readmit students register for Summer courses?

New and readmitting students need to contact the University Advising Center (210-805-5814) to set up an advising appointment to identify the appropriate courses.


If you have additional questions about the summer program, e-mail:
or call the Dean of Student Success at 210-805-5813.

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