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Graduation Completion Policies

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Because of deadlines we must meet, these are firm deadlines and will substantially impact your graduation date if you do not meet them.

  • All work for the degree must be completed by the last day of the semester for the term in which you are enrolled:
    • Main campus classes: May 12
    • ADCaP classes: April 27
    • Online classes: April 28
  • You may not receive an IP in the courses in which you are currently registered and graduate in May. If you receive an IP grade, your graduation changes from May to August.
  • You may not receive a grade less than a “C” in your major, minor, teaching fields, concentrations, specialization, or support work.
  • Grades for courses in which an “IP” grade was assigned during a previous semester are due in the Registrar’s Office by noon, May 12, 2017. If the grade is not reported to us by the deadline, we will change your date of graduation from May to August. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Registrar’s Office has received the grade. Grades for courses in which you are currently enrolled are due the week after Commencement.
  • Grades or scores for CLEP tests and/or departmental exams, are due by noon, May 12, 2017.
  • Official transcripts of transfer or for correspondence work must be in the Registrar’s Office at UIW by May 31, 2017 or your date of graduation changes from May to August. Your diploma will not be ordered until the official transcript is in your file in the Registrar’s Office at UIW. It is the student’s responsibility to order transcripts needed to complete the degree.
  • Students may participate in only one Commencement ceremony, whether they complete their degree or not.


Honors announced during the Commencement ceremonies are anticipated honors, based upon all classes completed and for which grades are posted. Grades for classes in which you are currently enrolled will not be used in the calculation of announced honors but will be used in the calculation of final, posted honors. Grades for these courses will not be posted to your academic record until after Commencement. Posted honors, which may differ from the announced anticipated honors, will be based upon the over-all grade point average, to include transfer work, calculated using all grades for college-level work completed and recorded.

Undergraduate, Pharmacy and Optometry Students: Undergraduate, Pharmacy and Optometry students who complete requirements and have met the residency requirements at UIW (refer to your catalog--excluding pass/fail, developmental, ESL courses where applicable) are eligible to graduate with honors. The level of honor is determined by the GPA achieved in all college- level semester hours attempted, to include transfer courses.

Graduate Students: Graduate students who complete their programs with a 4.00 average graduate with distinction.

Ph.D. and Physical Therapy-Post-Professional Students: Honors are not awarded for the Ph.D. degree or for post-professional degree programs.

The Registrar’s Office will distribute honor cords to those students who will graduate with honors during the line up when you pick up your seating assignment cards before the Processional. These cords are a gift from our bookstore, Follette Higher Education Group.


Diplomas will be mailed to your permanent address (confirm online through Bannerweb) once all grades are reported and your degree is posted. Your account balance must be clear and all requirements for the degree must be met before we will order the diploma. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Business Office notifies the Registrar’s Office when your account is clear. We anticipate delivery of the diploma in mid-June.


Transcripts with your degree posted will be available in mid-June. If you need a transcript with your degree posted, please indicate on the transcript form that we are to hold your transcript until we post the degree.