Communication Arts

Communication Arts Graduate Program of Study

Requirements for a Master of Arts in Communication Arts: The Master of Communication Arts degree requires a minimum of 36 hours of graduate study, which includes 18-21 hours of Communication Arts core courses.

Core Requirements (21-24 semester hours)

  • COMM 6300—Writing and Research Techniques
  • COMM 6301—Communication Theory
  • COMM 6302—Media Ethics
  • COMM 6303—Principles of Writing for the Media
  • COMM 6304—Aesthetics of Visual Perception
  • COMM 6309—Communication Research Methods
  • COMM 63TP—Thesis Proposal (Optional for Capstone)
  • COMM 63TR—Thesis Research
  • COMM 63CS1- Communication Capstone

Core requirements should be taken in sequential order with the COMM 63CS1 or the COMM 63TR requirement taken at the completion of course work.  This sequence ensures students will master the theoretical skills necessary for a progression of knowledge in the field. 

Masters of Arts Degree in Communication Arts (Adobe PDF)

Masters of Arts in Communication Arts Recommended Plan (Adobe PDF)



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