Center for Innovative Research and Clinical Learning

Simulation Center

The state-of-the-art 9,000 square foot Simulation Center provides a realistic supportive environment that will enhance a student’s psychomotor skill sets, clinical reasoning and reflective practice.

The 11-bed hospital ward and 3-bed practice care area encompass a skills laboratory. In addition, four rooms provide multiple realistic environments to include Critical Care, Medical/Surgical, Pediatric, and Community Health. Equipment used in these areas are Human Patient Simulators, which can mimic human physiologic responses (e.g. heart and breath sounds, palpable peripheral pulses, and audio speakers for voice recognition), bedside Electronic Health Records, and audio-visual recordings that provide a means to stream live video to classrooms, facilitate debriefing session and archive data.

The Simulation Center faculty and staff have, at minimum, a BSN and are competent nurse educators who are prepared specifically on the use of simulation as an educational modality. Simulation faculty and staff work closely with course faculty to develop/select scenarios that coincide with course/clinical objectives. Clinical competencies from Quality and Safety in Nursing Education (QSEN), TeamSTEPPS®, and Interprofessional Collaborative Practice are utilized to structure a student's clinical simulation experience.


To apply evidence-based educational practices that promotes safe, effective, quality care in a realistic clinical environment.


  1. Conduct the use of evidence-based clinical practice
  2. Promote the appropriate use of technology in the clinical environment
  3. Enhance a student’s psychomotor skill sets, clinical reasoning and reflective practice.
  4. Facilitate transferability of theoretical knowledge to both the simulated and traditional clinical environment
  5. Encourage interprofessional health education and trans-disciplinary collaborations that  promote culturally appropriate care, teamwork, communication, safe and equitable clinical practice