English Department


English Department Full-Time Faculty

This list is a good way to get a feel for the department. You can also find out which instructors share your interests, especially if you need a thesis advisor.


Department Chair

Emily Clark, Ph.D., Associate Professor
AD 359 * 283-5061

Interests: Postcolonialism, Modern British Literature, Modern American Literature, Critical Theory

Courses Taught: Composition I and II, Studies in World Literature, Literary Theory


David Armstrong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
AD 340C * 829-3886

Interests: Creative Writing, the Short Story, Contemporary Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, the Novel, the contemporary essay, Naturalism/Realism

Courses Taught: Fiction Writing, Creative Nonfiction Writing, Magazine/Article Writing, American Literature

baker james

James Baker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
AD 340D * 283-6343

Interests: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Early British Literature, 20th Century American Literature, Technical Communication

Courses Taught: Composition I & II, World Literature, Technical Communication, Intro to Rhetorical Theory, Rhetorical Criticism, Visual Rhetoric, British Literature, Graphic Novel, Writing for Business 

Dr. Luella L. D'Amico

Luella D'Amico, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
AD 351 * 829-3892

Interests: Early and Nineteenth-century American literature, Girlhood Studies, Women's Writing, Transatlanticsm, Young Adult Fiction, and Native American Literature

Courses Taught: Composition II, World Literature, American Literature Survey


Tisha Harding, Ph.D., Associate Professor
AD 340A * 829-6028

Interests: Technical Communication, Visual Rhetoric, The Rhetoric of Science Writing, Political Rhetoric

Courses Taught: Composition, Professional and Technical Communication, Integrated Language Arts, Writing for Business, Writing for Science and Engineering, Rhetorical Theory, Literature for Children and Young Adults

Leticia Hooper

Elizabeth Mathews, Instructor
AD 340D * 805-5888

Interests: Composition, African American Literature, and Gender Studies

Courses Taught: Composition I, Composition II, Business and Technical Writing, and American Literature


Benjamin Miele, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

AD 351 * 829-2536

Interests: Early British Literature, Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture, Shakespeare, Non-Shakespearean Renaissance drama, the Reception of the Classics (especially Ovid), History of the English Language, Historical Linguistics, Renaissance Rhetoric, Book History, and Surveillance Studies

Courses Taught: Composition II, World Literature, Early British Literature Survey

pat lonchar

Pat Lonchar, Ph.D., Professor
AD 163 * 829-3886

Interests: British Literature (Old English-18th century), Medieval Studies, Women's Studies, Holocaust Studies, Rhetoric/Composition, American Literature (Colonial-19th century), Grammar, Writing for the Professions, World Literature in Translation

Courses Taught: Restoration Literature, Children's Literature, the Novel, Bibliography/Textual studeies, Pedagogy of English Language and Literature

hector perez

Héctor Pérez, Ph.D., Associate Professor
AD 347 * 829-3166

Interests: American Lit. (late 19th-early 20th); Latin American Lit. in Translation; Literary Theory; Rhetoric/Composition; World Lit. in Translation

Courses Taught: Chicana/o Studies; Radical Discourse; U.S. Minority Literatures; Writing for the Professions; Socio-Linguistics; Realism/Naturalism

David Pryor

David Pryor, Instructor
AD 259* 829-6066

Interests: Composition Studies, American Literature, Modernism, Film Studies, Eastern Philosophy

Courses Taught: American Literature, Composition I, Composition II, Writing for the Professions, World Literary Studies.


Joshua Robbins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
AD 340C * 829-6383

Interests: Poetry Writing, Lyric Essay, Creative Writing, Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, Literature and Theology, Writing in the Community

Courses Taught: Poetry Writing, Traditional Forms and Meters, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction Writing, Trauma Writing, Graphic Novel, Editing and Publishing,World Literature, Composition I, Composition II


Matthias Schubnell. Ph.D., Professor
AD 351 * 829-3892

Interests: American Lit. (Colonial-Contemporary); German Lit.; World Lit. in Translation; Rhetoric/Composition; Novel

Courses Taught: Native American Studies; Lit. of the Southwest; Willa Cather; M. Scott Momaday; Literature and the Environment

Tanja Stampfl

Tanja Stampfl, Ph.D., Associate Professor
AD 340C * 829-3885

Interests: World Literature, American Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, Gender and Race Studies,Post-colonial Theory and Literature, Genre Studies

Course Taught: Composition, World Literature, Literary Theory, The Arab Novel, Contemporary Arab Literature, Publishing and Editing

Mary Beth Swofford

Mary Beth Swofford, Ph.D., Associate Professor
HIT 200D * 829-3807