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University of the Incarnate Word Four Year Career Development Initiative

Career Services has partnered with various offices across campus to create an initiative to help students create and enhance their Four Year Career Development Plan. Our office offers programs and services for students in each classification to foster self-awareness, encourage major and career exploration, and provide the proper resources to increase student employability and Cardinal Career readiness! .

    • Complete the Focus2Career Assessment to understand how your skills, interests, and values relate to careers

    • Meet with a career counselor about possible career interest areas related to your major

    • Start to define a strategy for reaching your career goals

    • Conduct an informational interview with a professional, faculty member, or mentor to learn the realities of your intended career

    • Activate and complete your HANDSHAKE account

    • Create a resume with a career counselor

    • View internships posted in HANDSHAKE, identify job titles of potential interest

    • Consider career-related experience through an externship, internship, co-op, research or volunteer

    • Identify potential mentor to help you be successful in your professional development

    • Update your resume and HANDSHAKE account with experiences from summer
    • Create cover letter with Career Counselor
    • Practice your interview skills with a Career Counselor
    • Join a student organization that is related to your major or intended career – consider a leadership position in these organizations
    • Create your LinkedIn account – meet with Career Advisor to learn strategies to develop your personal brand
    • Meet with Career Counselor to solidify your internship search strategy
    • Attend CS events and Internship Fair to learn about summer opportunities (Fall)
    • Update your resume and HANDSHAKE account with experiences from summer
    • Decide if graduate or professional school is necessary to reach your career goals, if so work with a career counselor to start planning (Fall)
    • Conduct research to determine the types of entry-level positions for which you might qualify
    • Meet with Career Counselor to solidify your career search strategy (Spring)
    • Learn appropriate attire for recruitment events. Attend Career Services’ Suit Up Night to purchase business professional suit and accessories
    • Fine tune your interview skills by attending Professional Development Day and schedule 1:1 Mock Interview sessions
    • Complete at least one internship or co-op to gain experience and build your resume
    • Develop professional network via LinkedIn, student, or professional organizations
    • Update your resume and HANDSHAKE account with experiences from summer
    • Fine tune your cover letter and resume with a Career Counselor
    • Schedule a mock interview to prepare for full-time job or graduate/professional school interviews
    • Meet with Career Counselor to identify full-time job opportunities and finalize your job search plan
    • Identify professionals willing to serve as references and write letters of recommendation
    • Make necessary changes to HS profile (email address) 2 months prior to graduation)
    • Update resume and  HANDSHAKE account with recent employment information and education
    • Start developing your LinkedIn page to further define your career experiences and current educational goals
    • Networking: This will be KEY when looking to move up in your current field or change career fields completely, attend Career Development Workshops to meet with employers/recruiters and stay up-to-date on your career plan.
    • Schedule regular appointments at least once a semester with a Career Advisor to tailor your career goals
    • Conduct Informational Interviews with professionals in your chosen field

To schedule an appointment call 210-829-3931 OR come by our office in the Student Engagement Center, Suite 3030