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Cardinal Camp is a two-day extended orientation that welcomes first year students to the University of the Incarnate Word by giving them an opportunity to meet fellow students, have fun and learn about life at UIW. It is our hope that through Cardinal Camp, incoming students will find their place in the UIW family.

Some of the most successful student leaders at UIW lead Cardinal Camp. Cardinal Camp leaders are passionate about making you feel welcome and helping prepare you to be as successful as possible!

If you are interested in becoming a Cardinal Camp Leader for this year’s camp, please fill out this form so that you may be considered in the selection process.

Please know that in filling out this form you are:

  • Committing to attending Cardinal Camp Leader training (August 10)
  • Committing to attending all of Cardinal Camp (August 11-12)
  • Will provide your own transportation to and from the university prior to our transportation to camp.

Being a Cardinal Camp Leader is a great opportunity and resume builder!

Please acknowledge that this year there will be no stipend and this experience will instead count towards your community service hours.

Applications will close July 13. Updates will be sent through email regarding application status. Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will get a position as Cardinal Camp Leader.

To apply to be a Cardinal Camp Leader click here!



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