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“Disasterworks” - an exhibit by E. C. Kanko


Kelso Art Center

4301 Broadway St.
San Antonio, TX 78209

E. C. Kanko is a local artist and UIW alumni. After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2010, her artwork branched out into many styles and mediums, including digital painting. Inspired by nature, current events, and social trends, she began an eight-year project that would become “Disasterworks.” In this series of artworks, E. C. Kanko creates parodies of well known masterpieces to make effective before-and-after imagery without using an actual side-by-side comparison. These illustrations address various environmental and social issues, from littering to violence.

Exhibit on display: Fri., Oct. 12 – Fri. Nov. 16, 2018

Friday, Oct 12, 2018


R. Sul

Phone: 2108293852