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BREATHE Night! 'How to Live a Christian Life on a College Campus: Prayer' (Prayathon Event)


Room 2040-41 / Student Engagement Center

Prayathon is a multi-day event that engages people of different faith cultures, reminding us that we are all children of God.  This year's Prayathon will take place February 18-23, 2018 (Sunday-Friday), opening with Mass at 10:30 AM and 8:00 PM. See the complete schedule of activities on the UIW's Events calendar by clicking on any of the dates within the Prayathon week.

February 21, 2018 (Wednesday):  BREATHE night!

8:00 PM (Room 2040-41, SEC).How to Live a Christian Life on a College Campus: Prayer”

As young adults in college, living a Christian life can be very challenging. What can we do when we get pulled away from our beliefs? How can prayer help us stay close to God and keep us from straying? Join us as we talk about the challenges we face and discover how prayer can keep us strong.

The University of the Incarnate Word provides reasonable accommodation with adequate notice. To request disability accommodation for this event, visit 

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018


Brenda Dimas

Phone: 210-829-3128