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Microsoft Office 365 Summer Camp (Faculty and Staff)


Administration Building, Room 310

4301 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209

August 7: Office 365 Mail and Calendar:  Mail and calendar features have changed since the University migrated to Office 365. Upon completing this session, attendees will be able to:

    • Identify the features and benefits of the Office 365 platform
    • Access and share personal and resource (room) calendars
    • Edit and manage their Outlook Mail inbox

August 8: Everything You Wanted to Know About the OneDrive: With OneDrive, your documents are available anywhere, anytime, and with any mobile device. This workshop will: 

    • Review the Interface and settings
    • Demonstrate file uploading, copying and downloading
    • Use Office 365’s file-sharing and search functions

August 9: Microsoft Office Online: This session will focus on the features of the Office Online platform. Office Online includes access to both online and desktop Office applications. Participants will:

    • Receive an introduction to Office 2016 and its cross-platform, web-based suite
    • Collaborate and share documents in real time
    • Save files in the cloud straight from the desktop to OneDrive

August 10: Collaborative Applications - Forms & Outlook Groups: This session will focus on two of Microsoft's newest collaborative applications Groups and Forms. At the conclusion of this workshop, users will be able to:

    • Build a workgroup and share documents and folders
    • Create a shared inbox and calendar
    • Use Forms to create a survey, collaborative activity and an engaging student poll

This workshop is staff focused. Faculty are welcome.

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Wednesday, Aug 09, 2017

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