Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend UIW?

Please visit the Tuition & Fees page for the most up-to-date information on costs.

How can I view my bill?

Login to your MyWord account, and go to the UIW ePayment Center (located under Launchpad on the left-hand side). Once in the ePayment Center, visit the "Your e-Bills" section to view your published invoice, or click the "Current Tuition Bill/Class Schedule" link to view a dynamic itemized bill. 

When is tuition payment due?

Tuition is due in full by the first day of class, or the student must be enrolled in a payment plan (refer to the Academic Calendar for dates). 

Are payment plans available?

Yes! Payment plans are available each semester. Students may enroll in a monthly payment plan in their UIW ePayment Center. For more information, visit the View Your Bill / How to Pay section. 

Will I be charged a late fee for past due tuition?

Yes. Students who are not enrolled in a payment plan or have not paid their tuition in full by the first day of class are subject to a $75 late validation fee. Late fees are assessed each month until the account is paid in full or the payment plan is current. 

I have a business office hold on my account. What is this for?

Whenever a student has a balance -- regardless of the amount -- a business office hold is placed on the account. A business office hold will prevent students from registering for courses and ordering official transcripts. Once the balance is $0, then the hold is automatically removed from the account. If a student is enrolled in a monthly payment plan, then the hold will be removed once the final installment is paid. You can find more information on holds here.  

Are there convenience fees for credit/debit card transactions?

Yes. A 2.75% convenience fee (4.25% for international cards) will be assessed to all credit and debit card transactions. Card payments must be made online via your ePayment Center. Computers are also available in the Business Office for online payments. 

How can I avoid paying the convenience fee?

You can avoid convenience fees by using the following payment methods:

  1.  Cash (in office)
  2.  Electronic Check (ACH), which electronically withdraws funds from your checking or savings account. This can be done online through your ePayment Center.
  3. Mail payment to the Business Office (University of the Incarnate Word, Attn; Business Office, 4301 Broadway, CPO 291, San Antonio, TX 78209)
 What is Banded Tuition?

Banded tuition is a set price for all undergraduate students taking 12-18 hours of coursework.

What are the Student Services, Athletics, and Technology Fee and the University Fee?

These are mandatory fees assessed to all students for the use of campus facilities. Students are charged based on the number of hours he/she is taking each semester. 

What is the Records Fee?

All students are charged a one-time fee to cover the cost of institutional records (i.e. transcripts, enrollment verification, etc.)

What is the Insurance Fee?

Per university policy, all full-time domestic students and all international students must carry medical insurance, and are automatically charged for the school-sponsored plan. If a domestic student carries his/her own insurance, the student can complete an insurance waiver online prior to the posted deadline. International students are not allowed to waive coverage per UIW policy. 

I am a graduate student taking an undergraduate course. Why am I being billed at the graduate tuition rate?

All students are billed based on the classification on their student record (i.e. undergraduate student, graduate student, doctoral student). For example, if a student is admitted to the graduate program, then any courses that the student enrolls in (regardless of the level of the course) will be charged at the graduate tuition rate.

What are the Graduation & Late Application for Graduation Fee?

Graduation fees are assessed by the Registrar's Office to process students' graduation applications, and to review your academic file. For those who submit their application after the posted deadline, a late application fee will be assessed in addition to the graduation fee.