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Did you know the Business Office publishes a set of reminders for students?

The list of reminders is available on the Tuition and Fees page. It is not all inclusive and is subject to change.

How can I find the cost to attend UIW?

Tuition and Fees Page

What is banded tuition?

Banded tuition is a set price for all undergraduate students taking 12-18 hours of coursework. 

When is payment for tuition due?

Your tuition payment is due in full by the first day of class (refer to the Academic Calendar).

Does the University offer any type of payment plan?

Yes. Students may enroll in a payment plan via the UIW ePayment Center, accessible through the myWord portal.  There is a $50.00 non-refundable enrollment fee (per semester) for all payment plans, along with a signed Promissory Note.  To view examples of payment plans click here.

Does the University charge Late Fees for past due tuition?

Yes. A $75.00 late fee will be charged if the student is not in compliance with the tuition payment policy. Students who have not paid their tuition in full nor have enrolled in a payment plan via the UIW ePayment Center on or before the first day of class are subject to a Late Validation Fee (LVF). Students that have defaulted on their payment plan arrangements will also be assessed a late fee. LVF’s will be assessed to student accounts each month until the account is paid in full or the payment plan is current. 

Does the University charge convenience fees for credit and debit card transactions?

Yes. Beginning June 1st 2017, UIW will begin charging convenience fees for all debit and credit card transactions. Credit card payments for student accounts must be made online via your e-payment center. Credit card payments by telephone are no longer available payment methods. A computer is available at the Business Office windows for online payments.

How much is the convenience fee and how is the percentage established?

The convenience fee for debit and credit cards is 2.75% for domestic cards and 4.25% for international cards. These percentages are the amounts established by our third party credit card processor to cover the credit card transaction fees assessed by credit card companies.

Is there any way I can avoid paying a convenience fee? You can avoid paying the convenience fee by paying online with an e-check (ACH), an electronic debit to your checking or savings account. You may also mail a check to The University of the Incarnate Word, 4301 Broadway, CPO 291, San Antonio, TX 78209 or drop a check in the payment drop box located to the left of the Business Office. Please include your student ID # on the check.

How will I ensure my financial assistance will apply on time to my account?

It is the student’s responsibility to file the proper paperwork with the Office of Financial Assistance in a timely manner.  If the student fails to complete the necessary paper work the student will be subject to a monthly late fee on any outstanding balance.  Disbursement of your loans takes place during the first week of class. You can contact the Office of Financial Assistance to ensure all documentation has been completed or view your financial assistance information on the MyWord portal.

Can I use my Work-Study checks to help pay for my tuition?

Yes. You must sign an authorization form that allows the Business Office to deposit the check directly to your student account.  The form is available online and in the Business Office.  If your Work-Study award does not cover your balance due, it is still your responsibility to make arrangements for the balance

(Note: A student may cancel this arrangement at anytime by signing the form to cancel the direct deposit.)

What are the Student Services, Athletics, and Technology fee and University fee?

These are mandatory fees assessed to all students for the use of our campus facilities.  A student is charged based on the number of hours he/she is taking in a semester.

What is the Records Fee?

All students are charged this one-time, mandatory fee to cover the cost of institutional records (i.e. transcripts requested by the student).

Why was I charged for school insurance?

All full time domestic and all international students are automatically charged for the insurance. It is the policy of the University that all students have health insurance coverage.

Do I have to purchase the school insurance?

Yes.  It is mandatory for all full time domestic students, and all international students, to carry medical insurance and are automatically charged for the insurance . If a domestic student carries his/her own insurance, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the insurance waiver ONLINE prior to the posted deadline

Fall 2017 Insurance Waiver Deadlines:

Extended Academic Programs, Graduate, Main Campus: September 15, 2017

Spring 2018 Insurance Waiver Deadlines*:

Extended Academic Programs, Graduate, Main Campus: January 31, 2018

*Only new students to the Spring semester are eligible to waive the insurance charge. Students who waived their insurance in the fall will have their waiver honored and applied to the spring insurance charge. 

-International students are not allowed to waive insurance coverage per University of the Incarnate Word policy.

-Waive the insurance fee by following the steps below:

  • Log onto (Health Insurance Waiver)
  • Select the waiver tab
  • Agree to terms
  • Enter required Information
  • Submit Waiver

After you have completed the waiver an email will be sent to the email address provided, confirming that you have successfully completed the online waiver.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Consolidated Health Plans at Contact Us..

For additional information regarding coverage, please refer to the brochure under the Health Services website.

Do I need to purchase a parking permit to park my vehicle at UIW?

Yes. All students that park on the University of the Incarnate Word campus are required to register their vehicle in the Cardinal Cars System and display their valid parking permit on their vehicle when parking on the University of the Incarnate Word campus.

How do I obtain a parking permit?

Students will be billed at the time they order their parking permit. Parking permit fees can be found on the Tuition and Fees webpage.

To order your parking permit online, log onto Cardinal Cars through the My Word portal.

1) A student will need the following information to register his/her vehicle for a permit.

  • Current vehicle license plate(s)
  • Year, make, model, style and color

2) Once the vehicle is registered and a permit is ordered, a temporary permit will be issued. You must print the temporary permit at this time to place in your vehicle.

3) Before the temporary permit expires, you must pick-up your official parking permit from the Business Office.

Handicap parking permits must be registered in the Business Office.  The operator must provide the Business Office with a copy of the Texas Department of Transportation Receipt and/or the Disabilities Placard and Driver’s license showing that the operator has been given permission by the State of Texas to park in Handicap designated spaces.

What if I lose my parking permit?

Replacement parking permits are available at the Business Office. The cost of a replacement parking permit will be the same as the original permit.

How can I request transcripts?

Transcript requests can be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  A student must have a $0 balance before he/she may request an official transcript.  There are fees for same day, overnight or faxed transcripts.  For additional information and fees, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (210) 829-6006.

Can I register for the next semester if I have a current term balance?

Those students with a balance will not be allowed to register until their balance is cleared.  Please check the UIW ePayment Center (accessed through the myWord portal) for any additional holds that may prevent you from registering.

Will Military students automatically receive a tuition discount?

No.  In order to receive the Military discount, the student must submit the Military discount form and present their current Military ID to the Business Office prior to the posted deadline. 

Those students eligible are active duty military and their dependents, civilian Department of Defense employees (no dependents), and retired military (no dependents). The discount will be applied to tuition only and any other fees associated with enrollment will be the responsibility of the student. Complete Tuition Discount eligibility guidelines are available on the Business Office website. 

If I am a resident am I required to purchase a meal plan?

Yes. Students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.  Meal rates are available on the Residence Life webpage.  If you have questions or would like to make changes to your meal plan, you can reach Residence Life at

If I am a commuter, is there a meal plan I can purchase?

Yes.  Commuter meal plans are available for purchase through the UIW ePayment Center, accessible through the myWord portal.  Students may purchase meal points in increments of $25.00, plus tax.  Payment is required at the time meal points are requested.

Do meal points expire?

Residents who do not use all of their meal points will lose them at the end of the Spring semester. Any unused Fall meal points will automatically transfer over to the Spring semester.

Any remaining unused commuter meal points will automatically transfer over to the next semester.

What is the FERPA release?

Students whom wish to grant other individuals, such as parents, access to information about educational records, account balances, or financial aid need to sign the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) Release.  In accordance with the Privacy Act, the University is unable to release any confidential information about the student to individuals not listed on this form. 

Complete and submit the FERPA release form. Available online here: 

What is bookstore credit?

Bookstore credit is awarded only to those students who will have excess in guaranteed financial assistance. At your request, any remaining assistance will be placed on your student ID card in order to purchase books at the University Bookstore. 

Please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at (210) 829-6008 for further information regarding how to receive bookstore credit.

What happens if I don’t use all of my bookstore credit in a semester?

Any unused bookstore credit is credited back to the student account at the end of each semester.  If the student’s account is paid in full, then a refund check will be issued and mailed to the student’s permanent address.

Why do I get charged a Graduation Fee?

 It is a fee assessed by the Registrar's Office to process all the paperwork associated with the graduation process.

What is a Late Application for Graduation Fee?

This is a fee assessed by the Registrar’s Office when a student fails to meet the deadline for submitting their graduation packet.   

What is a Change of Schedule Fee?

The Change of Schedule Fee is charged for adding/dropping a class.  Refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines.

When can I expect to receive my refund check?

Refunds are issued after the 100% drop date and within 14 days after all of your financial assistance is applied to your student account. 

What if I am receiving funding from Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan?

If you have a Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan, stop by the Business Office with your Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan ID card and UIW ID card so we can make a copy of both.  Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plans are billed after the 100% drop date.  It normally takes Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan 30 days to process our billing, but there have been circumstances that have caused them to pay later than 30 days.  You will not see a credit on your account until after payment is received by Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan.  If you know you will have a balance after your Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan has been applied to your account, you will be responsible for making payment or payment arrangements by the due dates or you will be responsible for any late fees.

If I am expecting a refund, can it be deposited in my checking/savings account?

Yes.  Direct deposit is now available for students wishing to receive their excess financial assistance refund.  A direct deposit authorization form must be completed in order for this feature to be setup.  All forms must be submitted to the Business Office. You may also fax your form to (210) 829-2745.

Can my parents also be setup for direct deposit?

No.  Currently this feature is not available to parents wishing to have their Parent Refunds issued to their checking/savings account.  They will receive a paper check to the permanent address on file with the Registrar’s Office.

What does the hold on my account mean?

Hold Code Hold Description Hold Reason Effect on Transcript Requests Effect on Registration
BO Contact the Business Office Balance Owed. Not allowed. Not allowed.
LO Perkins Loan Office Hold Loan exit paperwork required/loan defaulted. Not allowed. Not allowed.

Payment Plan

(Current Semester)

Payment plan active.

Transcripts allowed.

(BO approval required)

Registration allowed.

(BO approval required)

TA Electronic 1098T Form Selected 1098T will only be delivered electronically. Transcripts allowed. Registration allowed.
WO Write-off Hold (Collections) Payment arrangements defaulted. Not allowed. Not allowed.