View Your Bill / How to Pay

View Your Bill / How to Pay


Viewing Your Student Bill

To view your bill, login to your MyWord portal, and go to the UIW ePayment Center (under the Launchpad on the left-hand side). Visit the "Your e-Bills" section to view your published invoice, or click on the "Current Tuition Bill/Class Schedule" link to view a dynamic itemized bill. 

Click here to view an example of your bill. 



 How to Pay


Methods of Payment

*As of June 1st, 2017, a 2.75% convenience fee (4.25% for international cards) will be charged for all credit/debit card payments. 



Payment Plans

The UIW Business Office offers a flexible payment plan option for all students. A $50 non-refundable fee is required to enroll in a payment plan each semester. Students may opt to make larger payments or pay off their balance sooner without penalty. 

Deadline: All students enrolled for Spring 2019 must enroll in a payment plan no later than December 28th, 2018 OR pay their balance in full by the first day of class. Students who enroll after this deadline, or who do not make minimum payment, may have late fees assessed on their account. 

Steps to Enroll in a Payment Plan:
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to MyWord (link is located at top right of the UIW homepage)
  3. From MyWord, access the UIW ePayment Center (link is in your Launchpad)
  4. At UIW ePayment Center, find the "Installment Payment Plans" box (mid right column)
  5. Click "Enroll in the Spring 2019 Monthly Payment Plan"
    • Review total charges and payment plan information
    • Review the installment payment schedule (due dates & amounts included)
    • Review terms & conditions, and agree by selecting the checkbox, then click "Accept"
    • Enter and verify payment information
    • Complete and return to homepage



ePayment Center for Authorized (non-student) Users:

Students have the option to grant access to parents or other individuals to the UIW ePayment Center. Parents/individuals may be authorized to set up payment plans, make payments, access electronic 1098-T forms, access eBills and receive bill email notifications. 

Authorized users will receive a secure login (PIN & password) which they can use to access the student's ePayment Center. If an authorized user gets locked out of their account, the student may reset their login information in the ePayment Center, under the "Parent or Authorized User PINs" section. 

How to Add an Authorized User:
  1. Sign into your MyWord account (link is located at top right of the UIW homepage)
  2. From MyWord, access the UIW ePayment Center (link is in your Launchpad)
  3. At UIW ePayment Center, find the "Parent or Authorized User PINs" box (bottom left column)
  4. Click "Add New"
    • Complete parent/user information
    • Select access options
    • Click "OK" to submit
  5. A welcome email will be sent to the email address entered. The email will contain the login ID, temporary password and a link to access the UIW ePayment Center



Information for Federal Work-Study Students: 

Students may authorize the University of the Incarnate Word to deposit work-study checks into their student account to pay toward tuition & fees. Students must complete the Work-Study Check Deposit Authorization Form every semester for this option. 

Students may cancel their work-study direct deposit at any time by completing a cancellation form with the Business Office.