Visual and Corporate Identity Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to adhere to the logo usage guidelines?

By adhering to the guidelines we can achieve visual identity

and brand equity and strengthen and protect our trademark

Where can I find the guidelines for logo usage?

Can I create my own logo?

No. We have many logos that are available for usage.

Can I keep using my previously approved logo?

Please contact Mike Hood, Director of Printing Services with questions about your logo. Some previously approved logos are no longer approved.

Where do I get a logo?

For use for presentations, please contact Mike Hood, Director of Printing Services.

For use on any merchandise, your licensed vendor will download the logos directly from TrademarxOnline.

How do I determine which UIW logo I can use?

It is recommended that educational departments use the Steeple logo but please refer to the

UIW style guide to see the variety of UIW logos available.

Can I share a UIW logo with a third party?

If a third party has asked for a logo to be submitted, please contact Mike Hood,

Director of Printing Services for protocol.

You may not submit a logo to a vendor for promotional merchandise. All licensed vendors have direct access to approved logos.

Do I need to receive approval each time I am going to use a logo?

For promotional materials or outside usage, yes, your vendor will need to get approval through

Trademarx for every project, or, through Mike Hood, Director of Printing Services.

Where can I find a list of licensed vendors?

A list of current licensed vendors can be found at The list is updated monthly.


I represent a vendor wishing to become licensed. How do I obtain an application?

You can obtain an application for a license agreement directly from Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP, formally SMA).