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Byrdie Franco-Rocha BA '01

Byrdie Franco-Rocha doesn't just talk service and innovation, she lives it daily.  As a volunteer for LATISM (Latinos in Byrdie Franco-RochaTech, Innovation and Social Media) she serves as the Director for the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter and the Outreach and Marketing Director of the 2012 LATISM national conference. LATISM is the online multicultural movement that provides Latinos a platform to engage about community issues through social media.  Her path since graduation has taken her many places and helped her meet many influential leaders.  Just last spring, she was invited to the White House to take part in LATISM's Top Latina Blogueras Retreat where she spent three days engaging White House administration officials on health, education and job issues.  

Franco-Rocha's journey at Incarnate Word began with a degree in business, a minor in fashion and a curiosity for innovation.  As a first generation college student, she felt she had to blaze a new path for her family and herself.  As a student, she served as one of the founding members of Alpha Sigma Alpha and a member of the Black Student Association.  As an up and coming young professional, she finds passion in diversity and sharing through social media.  As the digital revolution continues she has been in the middle, riding the wave serving as a major influencer in her engagement with LATISM and social media.  

Franco-Rocha takes great pride in being a Latina leader that embraces servant leadership through social media collaboration and mentoring. Her personal mantra is "With each day comes opportunity to be creative, exercise experience and learn something new. I strive to improve myself, my projects and relationships along the way." She encourages current students and young alumni to seek out personal and professional mentors.   

According to Franco-Rocha, "Innovation is what happens when you to dare to be you."  She explains the best use of social media is how it allows you to engage with other leaders in real time across boundaries and barriers.  As technology continues to change, students would be wise to follow her lead.

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