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Linda Calvert-Jacobson BA '90

Linda Calvert-JacobsonAs Spring begins, beautiful wildflowers start spouting all over Texas. Linda Calvert Jacobson’s wildflower paintings don’t necessarily sprout, but her creative artwork has found a way to plant itself all over the world. Jacobson’s unique wildflower designs have found a way into the hearts of art lovers in places as distant as Manhattan, Vermont, Florida, California, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As an art teacher and business owner, she has used the principles she learned here at UIW to create her own unique style. Three years ago, Jacobson opened the Case de Linda Art Center where she teaches adults and children how to bring out their own creativity in painting classes, and special programs including Art 2 Gogh where guests get coached through painting one of fifteen local scenes. She describes her role as “Empowering people to tackle the next step in their own creativity. ”

Jacobson graduated from Incarnate Word College in 1990 with a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Art and went on to teach art at the college level for many years. As a non-traditional transfer student, she recalled a memorable experience at the incoming assembly for new transfer students. Most of the students had decided to sit in the back and when Dr. Agnese walked up to the stage, he advised the students to sit up front and get everything they could out of their education. On that day and every day since, she has taken the advice to sit up front and take advantage of the opportunities provided to her. Her advice to other alumni and current students is to follow their dreams. She explained, “If you want to paint, pick up a brush, if you want act, find a stage, if you want to open a business, make a plan but always stay open to whatever new opportunity that might come along”.

Through Jacobson’s education and entrepreneurship, she has found a unique way to provide a great service and product to South Texas and the world. Aside from her internationally appreciated wildflower paintings and her local Casa De Linda Art Center, she has licensed her designs on watches and greeting cards sold abroad.

To learn more about her artwork and her painting classes, please visit her website at and

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