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All incoming students that are not listed as first-time freshman are advised by the University Advising Center (UAC) initially. During your first semester here at UIW you are assigned to a faculty advisor. Students will work with the same faculty advisor throughout their time at UIW, unless they change their major or advisor. The UAC Area Coordinator that handles the student’s major will then become the student’s secondary advisor. All students must get signatures, advised, and registered by their Faculty advisor.


  1. Find out who your Faculty Advisor is:
    • Login to My Word
    • Click on Student Information
    • Click on View General/Advisor Record
    • Enter Term
    • Your advisor's name can be found under Primary Advisor
    • You can find your advisor's contact information on the online directory:
  2. Make contact with your Faculty Advisor
    • Not all Faculty Advisor's meet with their advisees the same way. Find out what form of contact your Faculty Advisor prefers. Please make every effort to contact your Faculty Advisor...
      • Their office hours are usually listed on their door
      • Email
      • Call and leave a message.
    • You can find your advisor's contact information on the online directory:

For Incoming or Prospective Students:

Not all majors register through the University Advising Center.


What majors cannot register through the University Advising Center, and who should I contact instead?

  • Nursing, Athletic Training, and Rehabilitative Sciences majors. Please contact Alice Oldmixon, Office# 210-283-5094, Email:
  • Nuclear Medicine majors: Please contact Esmeralda Barron, Office# 210-283-5093, Email:
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (Education) majors. Please contact Patti Silvas, Office# 210-829-3137,
  • Pre-Optometry/ Vision Science majors. Please contact Dr. Diane Farrell, Office# 210-832-2192,
  • Music majors. Please contact Roland Sul, Office# 210-829-3855,

Please note: All students that would like to get advised through the UAC or any department listed above must be an admitted student. If you have not been formally admitted to the Unviersity of the Incarnate Word, please contact the admissions office at 210-829-6005.