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2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog:

Advising Syllabus: The advising syllabus was created to give students information regarding what they would have to prepare for or complete every month for the 2013-2014 school year. It introduces the advising center staff, our mission statement, what students are responsible for, and what they should expect from their advisor.

Guide to the Core: The CORE course requirements specified in the undergraduate catalog constitute a carefully planned program of study and are highly recommended by the faculty as the preferred curricular introduction to the value and learning experiences that best represents the UIW Mission. This Advisor's Guide to the Core Curriculum is intended to serve as a quick reference and it should be used in conjunction with the 2013-2015 UIW Undergraduate Bulletin.

CAPP Instructions: CAPP is a program in bannerweb that allows students to run their own degree audit. It also allows them to do a "what if" analysis which allows them to run degree audits for any other major they are interested in.

Community Service Documentation: form that allows students to document their community service hours- they then have to get it signed by the volunteer coordinator to verify the hours they worked and then turn it in to the registrar's office.

NACADA Clearinghouse: Features the National Academic Advising Association member written articles addressing more than 250 topics applicable to academic advising. The Clearinghouse also includes over 100 'resource links' pages organized by topic. These pages are made up of member suggested web links that connect readers to more than 30,000 relevant resources.

Request to Study at Another Institution Form: Form is submitted, reviewed, and processed by registrar's office to guarantee that the course the student  takes elsewhere will transfer over as listed on this form. The registrar's office normally confirms it by email.

Student Intervention Form: The student intervention form is used only when a student may be at risk in the class due to performance or attendance. Once the form is submitted, the student, faculty advisor, instructor and academic counselor are notified to bring awareness to the student’s progress in their semester. The academic counselor makes three attempts to contact the student to assist them with the resources that are available to help them succeed. 

Student Schedule Planner: This template is available to help advisees visualize their schedule for the semester as you help them plan it.

Substitution Form: When students transfer certain courses into UIW and finds that, the particular course is not fulfilling a degree requirement as they would like, they would fill out a substitution form. Signatures are required and they may be required to provide the course description for the transferred course.

Transfer Articulation Guides: These are used by students that plan on taking classes at an Alamo college and want to know what the equivalent course is. However, if the student is currently enrolled in courses at UIW and wants to take a course at an Alamo college they must fill out a "study at another institution form" first and get it approved by the registrar's office.  

Withdrawal Form Procedures: A withdrawal is defined as cancelling your entire enrollment within a particular semester. Withdrawing has an effect on your financial aid, for both the current and future semesters, and on your academic progress. If your advisee decides to drop all of the classes they are enrolled in for the semester they would have visit Dean McMakin's office in the Chapel Building, Room 16 to complete a withdrawal form.