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Kimberly Ibarra

Accounting &Management Information Systems


Laredo, Texas


She has served as a resident senator and was the 2013-2014 senator of the year. She hopes people will become more active with Student Government and campus activities so we can cumulatively enhance the UIW community. Starting in Fall 2015, she will be an IT Audit Intern for Rackspace.  She has a role as Head Coach in the National Hispanic Institute. Other activities that she is involved: 

Delta Mu Delta Honor Society,

Licensed Zumba Instructor.

"My goal is for the SGA to foster an environment that allows students to feel prideful and generate ideas that will leave a lasting impression on the University." -Kimberly I. 



Vice President





Chief of Staff

Olympia Cuellar

Government & International Affairs-American Politics


San Antonio, TX


Aside of her role as Chief of Staff, where she serves as a student representative on the University Mission Committee, Olympia will be employed as s a work study for the Government & International Affairs department.

Baking is one of her hobbies. And, she spends most of her time volunteering for political campaigns and local non-profit organizations that focus on youth civic engagement and women's rights. Some of the Organizations that she is part of:  

President of the College Democrats at UIW,

President of Amnesty International,

Member of the UIW Pre-Law Society.


"My goal as an SGA Officer is to keep our student body informed and engaged, as well as striving to increase the relevance and impact of our student government." -Olympia C.



Jacob Bloodworth

Golf Management


Woodlands, Texas


Some of his hobbies are playing golf and enjoying the company of those around him. Some of the organizations where he takes part on are:


The Fire,  

P.O.P.S. (Pre Optometry Professional Society)

Event Coordinator for the archdioceses of West Texas 

"My goals as an SGA officer: to have the school become more active and knowledgeable about what SGA is and what we do." -Jacob B.



Stefan G. Garcia



San Antonio, Texas


A few things that he enjoys in his free time include: reading, exercising, playing Golf, and watching the San Antonio Spurs. Aside of being the Student Government Association Parlamentarian, he is also a proud member of:

Brother of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity,

Teachers' Assistant for Emerging Leaders


A message that he would like for all the student body to know:"I very much enjoy conversing, so if you ever see me walking on campus, please feel free to say hello!"


"My goal as Parliamentarian is to assist in creating an environment in which all students at the University of the Incarnate Word can express their ideas, as well as make those ideas become a reality."- Stefan G.


Attorney General

Justin Ramirez

Criminal Justice & Sociology


El Paso, Texas


"My personal goal as attorney general is too make it easier for faculty and the student body to communicate between the two". - Justin R.



Director of Public Relations

Deborah Flores

Master of Business Administration- International Business

Candidate for 2016

Mexico City


She likes to volunteer for different causes, specifically for non-profit organizations that have a focus on leadership, humanitarian causes and social justice.She is an International student, and as such, one of her goals is to help narrow down the gap between domestic and International Students.


"As DPR, one of my objectives will be to facilitate and communicate our student body about projects that will create a legacy and will improve not only our life as students, but will also create a positive impact in our community." - Deborah F.





Nick Gomez



San Antonio, Texas


My goal as treasurer of the University of the Incarnate Word Student Government Association is to facilitate financially the day-to-day running of the association. Be prepared for any and all mandatory challenges that may face the association and maintain a clear plan to achieve this and particularly to ensure a healthy surplus. Offer and provide assistance to officers and members in the financial planning and implementation of their activities in the association. 


"One of my many goals as SGA member is to be open, approachable and co-operative with all the association members and maintain and protect the financial security of the association."- Nick G.



Student Government Association Advisor

Paul Ayala

Director, University Events and Student Programs

Phone: 210.805.5863
Fax: 210.283.5023