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Jonathan "Johnny"Guajardo - President

Classification: Graduate

Home town: San Antonio, TX

Major: Communication Arts (Production)

Favorite Musical Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughn

Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye

Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane

Favorite Hobby: Golf, guitar, basketball, short films, photography

Goals for the year: To bring more school spirit to UIW and to make campus more fun for all students.


Stephen Lucke - Vice President

Classification: Senior

Home town: San Antonio, TX

Major: M.A.M.S exercise nutrition

Masters: Multidisciplinary Studies

Favorite Musical Artist: Bob Marley

Favorite Book: The Chronicles of Narnia

Favorite Movie: Rush Hour

Favorite Hobby: Working hard

Goals for the year: Progress our student body in the areas of academics, leadership, and wellness.


Alyssa Martin - Treasurer

Classification: Senior

Home Town: San Antonio

Major: Business Administration

Favorite Musical Artist: Brand New

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series

Favorite Movie: Inception

Favorite Hobby: Writing

Goal for the Year: Increase School Spirit. I want UIW to become a well known name around the world, and I would also like to hear every ones ideas so that UIW can improve.


Jacqueline A. Cacayoren - Secretary

Classification: Sophomore

Home Town: Brownsville, Texas

Major: Government

Favorite Musical Artist: Luke Bryan

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde

Favorite Hobby: Buying stuff

Goal for the Year: For UIW students to be more familiar with SGA and encourage them to come to us with new ideas to improve Incarnate Word.



Djenaba Aswad - Student Concerns/Public Relations

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Major: Broadcast Meteorology

Favorite Musical Artist: Adele

Favorite Book: The Jungle

Favorite Movie: Riding in the Car with Boys

Favorite Hobby: Volleyball

Goals for the Year: To better student’s awareness about their academic, financial, and social environment at Incarnate Word. With this awareness students can voice their opinions in an efficient manner resulting in effective communication between the student body and administration.


Sarah Majewski – Senate Liaison

Classification: Junior

Home Town: Wichita Falls, Texas

Major: Accounting

Favorite Musical Artist: The Sick Puppies

Favorite Book: The Uglies

Favorite Movie: The Heat

Favorite Hobby: Playing sports

Goals For The Year: Starting a Women’s Center on campus that will help women and men with various issues. I want the students to feel they can call UIW home and always be proud to be a Cardinal.


Justin A. Guerrero- Parliamentarian

Classification: Fourth Year

Home Town: Taos, New Mexico

Major: Biochemistry & Environmental Science

Favorite Musical Artist: Kaskade & Sierra Hull

Favorite Book: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Favorite Movie: The Best Years of our Lives

Favorite Hobby: Running, tweeting, studying

Goals For The Year: Continue helping UIW students improve their campus life experience through new initiatives and facility improvement. #CardsUp


John Burgess - House Liaison

Classification: Senior

Home Town: San Antonio, Texas

Major: Communication Production (Film and Audio)

Favorite Musical Artist: Breaking Benjamin

Favorite Book: Of Mice and Men

Favorite Movie: Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Favorite Hobby: Jogging & Playing the Guitar

Goals For The Year: Increasing the size of the Wellness Center; put up a rock-climbing wall.


Student Government Association Advisor

Paul Ayala

Director, University Events and Student Programs

Phone: 210.805.5863
Fax: 210.283.5023