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Proposition I: Student Legacy Fund was ratified December 6th 2013 by simple majority of student polling (1,279 total students) and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Reference this page for previous campaign estimates. PLEASE NOTE: Actual amounts are dependent on enrollment each semester and will vary. Proposition I will take effect Fall 2014.


Student-Leadership is an important facet to any institution of higher education, and that is especially true at UIW. This summer your Student Government Association (SGA) visited TCU and SMU, two prominent universities that UIW is in competition with. During the visits, SGA witnessed how integral student-leadership can be, and how UIW can improve in this category. Your SGA found out that much of SMU’s and TCU’s student-leadership success comes from financial resources. SMU’s SGA budget is $300,000+, and TCU’s SGA budget at $700,000+. With these large budgets, student-leaders are able to make a tangible impact at their respective campuses. Events such as large concerts, enhanced buildings, and increased service hours are a few of the items your SGA would like to bring to UIW. SGA’s current budget is approximately $30,000, and with this budget SGA accomplishes many things (Golden Harvest, Recycle Mania, etc.), but much more could be done with the 50+ student organizations, senate, and executive council. Proposition I will first go through a poll of undergraduate and graduate students, and then be brought to the board of trustees. If approved by the board, your SGA will be able to enhance the opportunity of student-leadership, and lives of students at UIW.

Summary of Proposition:

Your Student Government Association (SGA) is proposing a $45/semester increase in the student service fee that would accrue $500,000+ a year. If accessed, the fee will be managed by SGA and divided into six categories; Student Organizations, Green Initiatives, Wellness Center, Library, Student Center, and a creating a Student Endowment.

Other SGA Budgets
-TCU: $700,000+
-SMU: $300,000+
-Trinity: $700,000+
-UIW: $30,000

Areas of Enhancement

Student Organizations ------------------ $100,000
Green Initiatives ------------------------- $100,000
Wellness  --------------------------------- $100,000        
Education --------------------------------- $100,000
Student Life ------------------------------ $100,000
Student Endowment --------------------    $Excess
Total -------------------------------------- $500,000+


Do you support a $45/semester fee increase for the Student Legacy Fund? The fund will generate $500,000+ a year for SGA to provide enhanced student-leadership opportunities.   

All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to vote on the Blackboard homepage from November 11-29.

Potential Areas of Enhancement+

    • Student Organizations
      • $1,000 Automatic Appropriation to first 50 org’s that renew -- $50,000
      • $750 Stipends for SGA Senate -------------------------------------- $15,000
      • Increase SGA operating budget to $50,000 --------------------  $20,000
      • Create GSA ----------------------------------------------------------------- $15,000
      • Total-----------------------------------------------------------------------------$100,000
    • Green Initiatives
      • Establish an Office of Sustainability ------------------------------ $100,000
        • 5 Student Scholars ---  $5,000 ($1,000 each)
        • Projects ---------------- $95,000
    • Wellness
      • General Improvements- ---------------------------------------------- $TBD
      • B-Cycle (BC) ------------------------------------------------------------ $TBD
      • Club/Intramural/Rec Sports ---------------------------------------- $TBD
      • Total--------------------------------------------------------------------------$100,000
    • Education
      • Exhibits ------------------------------------------------------------------- $TBD
      • 24-Hour Library (M-R)------------------------------------------------- $TBD
      • Additional Database Subscriptions ----------------------------- $TBD
      • Total--------------------------------------------------------------------------$100,000
    • Student Life
      • Student Engagement Center

To contribute STUDENT Ideas for the NEW Student Engagement Center

      • Large Events: Speakers, Concerts, etc. (once SC is built) ------ $100,000
    • Endowment
      • Large Investments
        • UIW Co-op, Stocks/Bonds, etc.
  • Management
    • Funds will be managed by SGA*
    • All Budgets will be published on
    • Spending will be approved by a simple majority at SGA General Assemblies
    • Affected Department Director, 1-2 EC officers, and 4 senators will sit on the directing board of each category, excluding the endowment.
    • All EC Officers and the entire senate will sit on the endowment board
    • Any funds unused at the end of the academic year will go into the endowment
  • Life
    • Renewal, Increase, and Dissolution
      • Every 3 years the student body will be polled to
        • A) Maintain the current fee
        • B) Raise the fee
      • Dissolution: If the endowment interest rate ever accrues more than the fee generates.

*SGA is a branch of Campus Life, which falls under the VP of Student Services and Enrollment. SGA will continue to collaborate with the SGA advisor and all affected department when utilizing the funds.

+Dispersal of the funds will not be determined until spring 2014. If the proposition is approved, SGA will then undergo extensive dialogue with students to determine allocation of funds; final appropriation will go into the constitution.



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