Academic Literacy Mathematics

Academic Literacy Mathematics

It is extremely important that all new undergraduate students entering UIW begin their academic careers with a strong foundation. To ensure this, UIW requires new students to take a placement exam, which is a series of assessments in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, to determine their readiness to succeed in college. These assessments identify students’ academic strengths and also any needs that must be addressed in order to build a solid educational plan to gain full benefit of the UIW learning experience. Academic Literacy Math I ( ALMA 0318 ) is required of those students whose assessment scores in mathematics are below college level and indicate a need for development of basic algebraic skills normally associated with Algebra I.  Academic Literacy Math II ( ALMA 0319 ) is required of those students whose assessment scores in mathematics are below college level and indicate a need for development of intermediate algebraic skills usually associated with Algebra II.  Students required to take ALMA 0318 ( Math I ), must also take ALMA 0319 ( Math II ), unless they take and pass a challenge test administered by the Testing Center. They may also take a challenge test if they fail to satisfactorily pass an ALMA course. A grade of C or better is required to satisfactorily pass each course.  All students must be continuously enrolled in an Academic Literacy Math course each semester until they have satisfactorily completed all requirements.  Only then will they be allowed to take college-level mathematics courses, such as MATH 1304 ( College Algebra ).

Course Description, ALMA 0318 ( Math I ):

This course is a review of math topics from Algebra I: basic concepts of arithmetic and algebra, including number systems, expressions, and order of operations; integer and rational numbers, operations with real numbers and their properties; understanding and solving problems using ratios, proportions, decimals, and percents; exponents and their properties; solving linear equations and linear inequalities; problem solving techniques and word problems; and finally, polynomial operations.

Course Description, ALMA 0319 ( Math II ):

This course is a continuation of an extensive review of basic algebra skills. It focuses on operations with polynomials, factoring, fractional expressions, linear equations and their graphs, expressions and equations involving roots and radicals, solving quadratic equations, and an introduction to functions and functional notation. A structural approach to solving word problems is utilized throughout the course. Prerequisite: ALMA 0318 or satisfactory placement test score.